Measure the online customer experience

Highlighted <span class='font-weight-bold text-white'>brands</span> and <span class='font-weight-bold text-white'>products</span>
Highlighted brands and products
<span class='font-weight-bold text-white'>Product info</span> and <span class='font-weight-bold text-white'>key features</span>
Product info and key features
<span class='font-weight-bold text-white'>Online</span> & <span class='font-weight-bold text-white'>in-store</span> stock level
Online & in-store stock level
<span class='font-weight-bold text-white'>Displayed prices</span> and <span class='font-weight-bold text-white'>special</span> offers
Displayed prices and special offers
<span class='font-weight-bold text-white'>Promotional</span> content
Promotional content
<span class='font-weight-bold text-white'>Customer scores</span> and <span class='font-weight-bold text-white'>reviews</span>
Customer scores and reviews
Relevant and factual KPIs to take immediate action towards retailers
Emphasis rate
Compliance rate
Stock rate
RECO rate
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