Measure the proper execution of your in-store display operations

Most visible <span class='text-white font-weight-bold'>brands</span> and <span class='text-white font-weight-bold'>products</span>
Most visible brands and products
Branded <span class='text-white font-weight-bold'>areas</span>
Branded areas
<span class='text-white font-weight-bold'>available</span> products in-store
available products in-store
<span class='text-white font-weight-bold'>Product information</span> & <span class='text-white font-weight-bold'>sales support</span> items
Product information & sales support items
<span class='text-white font-weight-bold'>Tag</span> prices and <span class='text-white font-weight-bold'>announced</span> prices
Tag prices and announced prices
Depending on the items to be controlled, the audit can be performed during a mystery shopping visit or an instore audit
Relevant and factual KPIs to take immediate action towards retailers
visibility rate
presence rate
Emphasis rate
Compliance rate
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